Our Story

We are Sylvie and Michelle, two Asian women passionate about sharing our cultural heritage through Potion Lab. With roots in households guided by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors, we witnessed the incredible impact of ancient remedies on the mind and body. 

My journey into Wall Street led me to TCM, which became my refuge during stressful days, shocking me with its significant improvement in my well-being. It was on my path to wellness that I met Dr. Michelle, a.k.a. The Witch Doctor, one of the first recognized mental health acupuncture specialists. She has spoken at summits for the United Nations about the importance of mental health and received awards for her work. In her 10+ years of experience, she's discovered that many people accept anxiety as normal when, in fact, there's a natural healing solution.

United by our passion for mental health advocacy and the shared mission of making TCM accessible, Potion Lab was born. With every blend we create, we infuse it with love and dedication, blending ancient wisdom and modern innovation to nurture well-being. Our focus is on empowering individuals who might not have access to herbalists or are unaware of this self-help solution. Join us in celebrating the accessibility and natural healing power of TCM for mental wellness.

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